Turn Off, Switch to Play

Help children reduce screen time by setting reasonable limits.

Less screen time means more time for children to develop physical, social and emotional skills through active play.

Information and Ideas

Children aged 0-5 years:

Why should we limit screens for young children

Ideas to swap screens for active play

Decisions about down time: a balancing act brochure for parents

Children aged 5-12 years:

Screen Free Challenge and Certificate - suggest to school that the class signs up to the challenge!

Why should we limit screens for school aged children

Ideas to swap screens for active play after school

Transform-Us! - New Pilot Program for Tasmanian schools in 2021.

Children of all ages:

Ideas to limit screen time for your whole family

Ways to limit small screens

Ways to limit larger screens

Do-it-yourself play equipment and games

Ideas to get your whole family moving more

Children's activity infographics and posters - why kids should be active and how to help get them active!

Even more information:

Find other programs and website that promote physical activity and eating well