Limit 'Sometimes' Foods

Limiting 'Sometimes' Foods is about helping children enjoy more 'everyday' foods and less 'sometimes' foods.

What are 'sometimes' foods and drinks?

‘Sometimes’ foods and drinks include chocolate, confectionary, sweet drinks, crisps, chips, fried foods and some cakes, biscuits and pastry items that are high in fat, sugar or salt.

Information and Ideas

Children aged 0-5 years:

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Drinks for children over 12 months

Healthy family cooking

Food pouches

Mouth care for babies and young children

Children aged 5-12 years:

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Party bag ideas

Children of all ages:

Halloween recipes

Tasmanian Bush Foods Recipes

Cupcakes and muffins

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How much sugar are you drinking?

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Family pantry essentials

Food label reading tools:

Food labels

Even more information:

Find other programs and websites that promote healthy eating and physical activity