Limit screen time for your whole family

Printable version about screen time for families

Screen time includes:
  • watching television
  • watching DVDs
  • playing on computers and using the internet
  • playing electronic or video games
  • playing games or watching things on smart phones or tablets.

The maximum amount of screen time recommended is:

0 - 2 years: No screen time

2 - 5 years: 1 hour each day

5 - 12 years: 2 hours each day

Try these screen limits:

Start by monitoring how much screen-time you and your children engage in. You may be surprised at how many hours it actually is. Then try the tips below to reduce your family's screen time:

  • Agree on a time limit - communicate this to your children and stick to it.
  • Pick quality programs or programs that encourage movement - record your child’s favorite programs so that they can be viewed at a time that suits you better.
  • Have a weekly  ‘screen-free’ day or afternoon – it’s good to have
    one or more days during the week when there is no TV or tablet/smart phone/computer games allowed.
  • Leave the TV off at meal times – and when its not being watched and
    use music for ‘background noise’.
  • Keep screens out of your child’s bedroom – keep these in a common area of the house so that you can monitor use.
  • Store portable devices out of sight - tablets, smart phones and handheld games can all be popped in a away in a cupboard.
  • Be an active role model – monitor your own screen time and physical activity.
  • Provide alternatives -  suggest active indoor and outdoor alternatives for your child.
  • Be selective about what your child watches – most children will happily sit and watch whatever is on the screen for hours on end if allowed to do so.