Working with School Food Matters

Being a Move Well Eat Well school means taking a whole school approach, and that includes thinking about the food served at school.

This means making links with any food provided on a regular basis at your school (once a week or more frequently). This includes a canteen, lunch service and/or outside caterer or supplier (i.e. local shop, caterer or Subway).

Working with School Food Matters ensures that the same healthy messages are promoted through the food sold at school or provided by the canteen to school events, catering and fundraising.

School Food Matters (formerly known as the Tasmanian School Canteen Association/TSCA) works to support schools by offering a Smart Food Award. School Food Matters will support your canteen to

  • provide healthier options
  • make sure the foods sold is safe for eating
  • get the best value from sales
  • make links with the classroom so that the curriculum supports the canteen and vice versa

Are you a School Food Matters member? email School Food Matters to confirm your membership.

To meet the Move Well Eat Well 'Limit 'Sometimes' Food' criteria, you need to be working towards a level of canteen accreditation with School Food Matters. Your school doesn't need to have necessarily achieved any particular level, but needs to take real steps and make changes in a healthier direction.

Contact School Food Matters for some phone advice, resources and ideas,  or to arrange a school visit their School Food Matters website.