Fundraising ideas

Fundraising is an important part of Australian school culture and a way to connect with the broader community. It can be a way to build upon the health messaging taught in schools.

Health-promoting fundraising ideas include:


  • colour runs
  • walk-a-thons
  • read-a-thons
  • school concert
  • a local harvest event
  • trivia night
  • student disco
  • book fair
  • movie night.

Items to sell

  • tea towels or aprons printed with student drawings
  • plants
  • recipe books
  • sunscreen
  • stationery items.

Fundraising with foods from the five food groups

  • pikelet breakfast or morning tea (with lots of fresh fruit)
  • themed lunch (soup, Mexican, jacket potatoes)
  • produce boxes (raffle or sell)
  • bread sale for a local bakery with a percentage going to the school,
  • food activities or sales for special events i.e. Halloween, school barbecues

Download a 'Healthy Fundraising' booklet (courtesy of the Cancer Council, NSW). It contains great ideas about keeping the fun in fundraising, whilst keeping it healthy and still making a profit.

If you are after further ideas look at our school celebrations and class cooking recipes.