Turn Off, Switch to Play

Your school is aiming to set up a system so that active play equipment is available for all children to use.

Make a plan to achieve Turn Off Switch to Play:

Ideas for more active play and less screen time

Information to share with your school community

Newsletter inserts:

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Ideas for families:

Let families know they can visit the For Families section of this website to find fun ideas on how they can be active. No password is needed.

Curriculum materials

The four curriculum units developed by Move Well Eat Well and the Tasmanian Department of Education link to the achievement standards of the Australian HPE Curriculum and most cover elements of being physically active.

The Year 3-4 Unit below specifically looks at screen time and sleep.

  • More Variety! Year 3 and 4 Learn about the importance of variety in food and in activity (including sleep and screen time). Links to the Year 3-4 achievement standards of the new Australian HPE Curriculum.


Write a simple policy statement about your whole school approach to active play at breaks and limiting screen time

Sample Turn Off, Switch to Play policies:

Samples of entire Move Well Eat Well school policies.