Health Promoting School

Your school is aiming to encourage healthy eating and the benefits of physical activity through the curriculum, school policy and through sharing information with families.

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Make a plan to achieve Health Promoting School

Staff and student mental health and wellbeing resources

The sense of community that schools offer is important to maintain for children and young people, even as routines change. Be You have developed some great resources to help you look after students’, and your own, mental health and wellbeing.

Be You wellbeing tools for students

Be You wellbeing tools for staff

Be You also have a range of mental health and wellbeing fact sheets with 7 main themes - wellbeing, development, social and emotional learning, relationships, mental health issues and conditions, mental health support, and grief, trauma and critical incidents.

Ideas for the classroom, curriculum, policy, families and the wider school community


Let's Eat Well! Kinder Prep

It's all about healthy eating and explicitly links to the Kinder- Foundation achievement standards of the new Australian HPE Curriculum, and the Early Years Learning Framework.
Let's Eat Well - accessible version

Playing Well. What do I need? Year 1 and 2

Learn about which foods are best for a healthy active  body. Links to the Year 1-2 achievement standards of the new Australian HPE Curriculum.
Playing Well - accessible version

More Variety! Year 3 and 4

Learn about the importance of variety in food and in activity (including sleep and screen time). Links to the Year 3-4 achievement standards of the new Australian HPE Curriculum.
More Variety - accessible version

Choices! Choices! Year 5 and 6

Learn who and what influences our choices, including media advertising. Understand the potential role of local health service providers and the role of health promotion.Links to the Year 5-6 achievement standards of the new Australian HPE Curriculum.
Choices Choices - accessible version


A simple, clear policy that spells out your whole school expectations regarding healthy eating and physical activity.


Help families understand Move Well Eat Well by using the following resources:

Our Member schools have developed these family information materials:

School community

  • Use this Move Well Eat Well poster in each classroom or the foyer, announcing you are a Member or Award school

  • Move Well Eat Well individual icon Posters

  • Speak to your fundraisers (students, P&F) about ideas for better fundraising without selling junk food (fundraising ideas here).
  • Find ideas for whoever coordinates local shop lunch orders, or the canteen, or regular school lunches.

  • Use your canteen, class cooking or lunch service to reinforce healthy eating.

  • Give your student leaders a role in promoting MWEW, at assembly, in DPE, in the playground.

  • Expand an existing team to include Move Well Eat Well: your Kids Matter team? your student leaders? your Health and Wellbeing Team?


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