Getting started

Share being a Member with your school

  • put up a poster in each classroom or the foyer, announcing you are a Member

  • put some Move Well Eat Well information in your parent handbook

  • introduce your Contact Person to your canteen manager or volunteers

  • talk to your office staff about the ready-made newsletter inserts (under each icon)

  • a powerpoint presentation giving an overview

  • talk to student leaders about their role and if they can share some of the Move Well Eat Well messages through school assemblies or other school events

  • download the Getting Started section of the Move Well Eat Well Starter Pack to get more details. Note: the Starter Pack Booklet is under review and some content may be changing. Contact for details.

  • make time for a quick staff meeting reminder.

  • make sure all staff have your school's Move Well Eat Well website login details. Contact Move Well Eat Well if you have lost these.

Make a plan

  • Use a survey to find the gaps, and celebrate how far you have come

  • Use this planner to work out where to start with Move Well Eat Well

Start working through the Move Well Eat Well criteria

  • Browse ideas and resources from the website.

  • Ask some staff to act as "Message Coordinators"- this is a great way to spread the load. Use this Message Coordinator guide and template to help.

  • Expand an existing team to include Move Well Eat Well: your Kids Matter team? your student leaders? your Health and Wellbeing Team?

  • Browse ideas from other schools.

  • Use the Move Well Eat Well Annual Events Calendar to link the messages to things you are already doing. Accessible Events Calendar also available.