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Move Well Eat Well (MWEW) is funded and managed within Health Improvement Public Health Services, the Department of Health. The Primary School and Early Childhood Programs have a range of internal and external reference groups that provide guidance to the respective programs.

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Move Well Eat Well promotes a healthier Tasmania in which children can enjoy healthy eating and physical activity every day. It contributes to a healthy lifestyle and to the prevention of a range of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and dental decay.

In 2019, Move Well Eat Well celebrated its 10th year in primary schools. Read all about our MWEW champions as a part of this celebration.

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About the Award

The Move Well Eat Well Award is available to Tasmanian early childhood services and primary schools. Schools and services are supported to meet key criteria which reinforce healthy eating and promote physical activity.

The Move Well Eat Well Award Program is a comprehensive, straightforward guide to creating a healthier environment for children.

The Award is made up of six healthy messages:

The seventh Health Promoting School/Service criterion ties the Move Well Eat Well messages together to promote lasting change and link with families.

The Move Well Eat Well Award offers:

  • Recognition of achievement
  • A positive whole early childhood service or primary school approach to promoting sustainable healthy eating and physical activity.
  • A simple framework for planning and action
  • Tailored Tasmanian resources for educators, teachers, parents and health professionals, with clear links to the curriculum.
  • The Move Well Eat Well team provides coordination, and helps build partnerships between health professionals in local areas and participating services and schools.

Questions about the award

How quickly do we need to meet all of the Award criteria?

Sustainable change takes time. There are no time restrictions on Members to meeting all the criteria and then applying to be an Award School or Service.

Can we work on the criteria in any order?

How you work through the criteria is up to your organisation. You are probably doing some work in many areas already. Use the Getting Started guide as a planning tool and go from there.

What if we can't meet one of the Award criteria?

The Award criteria have been developed in conjunction with Tasmanian child care educators, primary school staff, health professionals and Department of Education advisors. The criteria are achievable by all schools and services however, it you feel that you are unable to meet a particular Award criterion please contact the Move Well Eat Well Program staff to discuss further.

What if a staff member or parent does not support an Award criteria?

If there is a lack of support for an Award criteria, identify the cause of resistance, which may include lack of knowledge or skills, perceived workload, loss of control in decision-making or a dislike of change. Information provided in your Starter Pack can help you engage, inform and support school community members and address typical concerns.

What about other initiatives to support healthy eating and physical activity?

The Award criteria are identified as the key ways schools and services can support healthy eating and physical activity. Your organisation may be interested in implementing additional projects. However, they cannot be used in place of the Award criteria to achieve a Move Well Eat Well Award. There is space provided in the Award Application form to highlight your additional achievements.

How long does the Award status last?

A review of Award recipients is undertaken every two years.

Become a Move Well Eat Well Member

Membership is free. Member early childhood services and primary schools and are offered an orientation, resources and support. Working towards an Award can be done at a pace appropriate to the service or school. In many cases, services and schools find they have achieved many of the criteria already and use the Program to make their approach sustainable and embedded in their daily practice.

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