Health & Community Workers

Health and community workers can help early childhood services and primary schools to make healthy eating and physical activity a normal part of each child's day.

Health and Community workers that join the Community Support Network are able to access a range of member only resources. These include:

  • Information for working with schools
  • Displays
  • Posters
  • Fact sheets
  • Forms

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Community Support Network Member only resources

What is Move Well Eat Well's Community Support Network and how do I join?

The Community Support Network is a group of over 80 health and community workers who share an interest in supporting Move Well Eat Well primary schools and early childhood services to work towards achieving several criteria around healthy eating and physical activity, and eventually a Move Well Eat Well Award.

Community Support Network Members receive regular emails and updates on school and service involvement and successes in their local area.

Network Members can access a great range of new Tasmanian resources on this website with their own user name and password.

If you're looking for a Community Support Network member in your area drop us a line and we'll put you in touch with someone locally to give you a hand.

Want to join the Community Support Network?

If you are part of a non-for profit or government organisation and have an interest in working with primary schools or early childhood services then you can join the network.

Register to become a Community Support Network member.

Which primary schools and early childhood services are participating in Move Well Eat Well?

Move Well Eat Well is a popular program with both early childhood services and schools.

Almost 80% of schools with primary enrollment are participating.

Find out who these schools and services are below:

Primary school members

Early childhood service members

Want to know more about Move Well Eat Well and what services and schools are up to?

Read more about the Program, what's involved and how it works.

Success stories from Member schools