Coming soon in Tasmanian MWEW Schools

Transform Us

This year we are giving MWEW schools the opportunity to participate in the Transform-Us! pilot project in Tasmania. We are offering Transform-Us! free to your school.

Transform-Us! provides schools and teachers with online training and resources to help students move more and sit less in the classroom. Transform-Us! involves providing a supportive physical activity environment and incorporating movement into everyday class lessons – the delivery of the lesson changes, not the content.

This program has been used in Victorian schools for more than 12 years to support students to be more active, and so far, Transform-Us! has reached more than 904 teachers and 376 schools in Victoria.

Shortly, we will be asking teachers/schools to register their interest in joining this exciting initiative.

Once the online training is completed, your school will receive up to $2000 worth of resources which can be used to support program implementation. For example, funds can be used to purchase physical activity equipment for classrooms, standing desks and/or playground line markings.

During this pilot we will be working with partners at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research to gather information on your thoughts about the program.  We know your time is valuable and will be keeping this to a minimum.

The aim is to start the Transform-Us! pilot in Term 3 2021.  For further information email Rebekah Harrison

If you want to read more about Transform-Us! (which is currently only available to Victorian primary schools) please visit the Transform-Us! website