Mother's Day Activity Ideas

Hosting a Mother’s Day Event? If your service or school hosts an event for Mother’s Day consider having some of the above activities for mums and children to do together.

Please note: select activities and materials based on the age and ability of the children you are working with.

Card making:
Provide a range of materials for children to make their own Mother’s Day cards. There are plenty of pop out flower cards that can be found online.

Book mark making:
Provide a range of materials for children to make bookmarks with.

Craft flowers or origami:
Provide a range of paper and materials for children to craft flowers. There are a lot of designs that can be found online.

Pressed flowers or leaves:
Take children outdoors to collect a range of flowers and leaves. Press these in newspaper amongst heavy books. Once pressed children could add them to a card or bookmark for their mum.

Plaster handprints:
Use plaster of Paris so children can do their own handprints and decorate them once dry.

Decorated mugs:
Purchase plain mugs so children can decorate them with a design or message for their mum.

Old teacup planters:
Purchase old teacups from an op shop or tip shop. Children can fill them with soil and a small plant.

Rock decorating:
Provide a range of paints and materials for children to decorate a rock for their mum.

Clay creations:
Using clay children can create a small dish, pot or a decoration for a hanging.

Scavenger hunt pack:
Children could collect natural materials like rocks, seed pods, pinecones, sticks, leaves and shells and decorate them using paint, sequins, string, coloured wire, or beads. These items could then be placed in a paper bag and used by children at home to set up a Scavenger Hunt for their mum indoors or outdoors.