Fruit and Veggie Breaks at school

Are regular Fruit and Veggie Breaks happening at your child's school?

Many Move Well Eat Well schools have some type of daily Fruit and Veggie Break.

Some schools ask children to bring along fruit or vegetables to enjoy at the break, other schools provide fruit and veggies.

Fruit and Veggie breaks are a great way to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables. Some parents have noticed their children being more willing to try fruit and vegetables as a result of these breaks.

Sue Young talks about Taroona Primary:

"One morning before school I caught my child peeling a carrot to take to school because that was what he wanted to eat in class time!!! (This was a first for him as he is always too busy running around during break times to eat his food) --- Success ---Thank you for the idea!!"

What can you send to school for your child's Fruit and Veggie Break?

Fresh fruit

  • Consider less messy fruit like bananas, grapes, apples, apricots or strawberries.
  • If sending more messy fruit like oranges, kiwi fruit or mangoes consider providing a container to catch the juices or pre-chopping the fruit.

Fresh vegetables

  • Try snow peas, sliced cucumber, carrots, celery or cherry tomatoes.
  • A home made mashed avocado or pumpkin dip can be a great addition to veggie dippers like carrots.

Try mixing up the types of fruit and vegetables you send. Like adults, some children can get sick of the same old thing!