Top alternatives to chips

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Store bought snack foods like chips can be quick and easy, but they cost a lot and are often high in fat and salt and low in fibre. These foods should only be eaten sometimes. Try some of these ideas instead:

  • plain popcorn or unsalted nuts* (for children 3 years and older)
  • rice cakes or corn thins
  • wheatflake breakfast biscuits e.g. Weetbix™ or Vitabrits™ spread with nut paste* or ricotta cheese and sliced banana
  • crunchy vegetables like carrots, snow peas or cucumber
  • plain wholegrain or brown-rice rice crackers
  • bread sticks or rusks (for young children)
  • nibble pack with popcorn (for children 3 years and older), dried fruit and breakfast cereal (e.g. bran flakes)
  • crunchy fruits like apple, pear or watermelon
  • pita chips - cut pita bread into triangles, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake at 180ºC until crispy
  • wholegrain crispbread e.g. Ryvita® or Vitawheats™
  • fruit bread
  • pikelets or scones
  • cheese cubes or slices.
  • *if sending to childcare or school check their policy