Fundraising is an opportunity to promote health

Plan your fundraising to back-up, not undo, health messages for children. If it's about selling food and eating, use 'everyday' foods (e.g. fruits and vegetables) or essential items (e.g. sunscreen or coloured pencils) for fundraising rather than 'sometimes' foods (e.g. chocolates, lamingtons) or luxury items which can place financial pressure on families.

'But isn't fundraising about fun and treats?' YES!

Schools are successfully making money, having fun, and giving kids a treat, without relying on selling food that has little nutritional value.

Ideas for successful fundraising

Download a Healthy Fundraising' booklet (courtesy of the Cancer Council, NSW). It contains great ideas about keeping the fun in fundraising whilst keeping it healthy and still making a profit.

Every Move Well Eat Well School has access to a list of fundraising ideas collected from schools around the State...from sheep manure sales to food festivals, from canteen specials to student-designed tea towels. Creativity at its best!

To access this list, talk to your school's Contact Person (they can access it via the website) or email us

Recipes and ideas: