Bring a healthy plate

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As a parent or carer, you might be asked to bring a plate of food for a school celebration or event. Taking a healthy plate is a good way to enjoy food as part of a celebration and a great chance for children to try new foods.

Try to include ‘everyday’ foods like fruit, vegetables, dairy foods, breads and cereals and meat and meat alternatives (e.g. eggs).

‘Sometimes’ foods such as biscuits, lollies, chips, cupcakes and cakes should be kept for special occasions at home and are not encouraged at social events.

Quick and tasty ideas:

  • Sliced melon platter  - try watermelon, rockmelon or honeydew melon
  • A large bunch of grapes - try different colours and varieties
  • Wholemeal or multigrain crackers and dip e.g. hommus or salsa
  • Fruit bread or fruit buns

Ideas for when you have more time:

  • Mini pizzas – top wholemeal English muffins with tomato paste, grated cheese and vegetables. Popular options are tomato, pineapple, spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini and onion.
  • Fruit or vegetable pikelets, scones or mini muffins.
  • Vegetable sticks and dip - try snow peas, carrots, capsicum, cucumber, celery and cherry tomatoes.
  • Tiger sandwiches – layer different types of bread e.g. wholemeal, multi grain, rye and white bread and fill with vegetable fillings, for example, avocado and grated carrot.
  • Traffic lights – thread cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes and cucumber slices onto kebab sticks.
  • Pita chips – cut pita bread into triangles, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in a moderate oven until crispy. Serve with a vegetable based dip.
  • Fruit kebabs – thread soft fruit onto kebab or icy pole sticks. Try kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapes, melon, orange and banana.
  • Mini vegetable frittatas - add lots of vegetables such as tomato, mushrooms, spinach, capsicum, sweet potato, onion and corn to egg and cheese and cook in a muffin tin.
  • Nibble plate – try cheese cubes, vegetable sticks, fresh fruit, boiled eggs,  wholemeal or wholegrain crackers and vegetable based dip.

To drink:

Water is the best drink for children.

Remember food safety...don't serve up any surprises!

  • Wash fresh vegetables and fruits well before using.
  • Take care with foods like dips, chicken, meat and egg which can allow fast bacterial growth.
  • Chill food well before packing. Do not transport food if it has just been cooked or is still warm.
  • Use a frozen ice brick and insulated cooler bag to transport food.
  • Cover all ready to eat food well.
  • Check your school's policy on food allergies and class allergy details.