Turn Off, Switch to Play

Your service is aiming to limit screen time consistent with the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (Birth to 5 years).

Make a plan to achieve Turn Off Switch to Play

Ideas for turning off and switching to play

  • Section 2: Sedentary behaviour and screen time, Get Up and Grow Staff and Carer Book.
  • Other websites that support Turn Off, Switch to Play.

  • Information to share at your service

    Newsletter inserts:

    Select and save the below jpeg files to your computer and then insert into your services newsletter. Please note that these may take some time to download.

    Displays, posters and information brochures:

    Print off and display in your service foyer or on a wall in a room that parents and families frequently visit.

    Ideas for families:

    Let families know they can visit the For Families section of this website to find ideas on how they can limit screens in their homes. No password is needed.