Tap into Water Everyday

Your service is aiming to make drinking water available and accessible to children at all times.

Tap into Water Every Day Incentive - free Water Pack! Apply NOW!

Member services that send in their water policy for review that relates to the Tap into Water Everyday criterion can apply for a free Water Pack.
This pack will include:

  • 50 X Tap into Water Every Day clear water cups with screw off lid, side measure and icon logo
  • A set of Tap into Water Every Day stickers

Make a plan to achieve Tap into Water Everyday:

Ideas for tapping into water

Information to share at your service

Newsletter inserts:

Select and save the below jpeg files to your computer and then insert into your services newsletter. Please note that these may take some time to download.

Posters and display kits:

Parent tip sheets and information:

  • Drinks for babies and children - Refer to page 11 for babies and page 23 for children.

  • Ideas for families:

    Let families know they can visit the For Families section of this website to find fun ideas on how they can tap into water everyday. No password is needed.